Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Campbell becomes Career Hits Leader, Butler gets 2,000th RBI, Hudson gets 600th Home Run

St. Louis Redbirds OF Wolf Campbell is Rizzuto's new career hits leader with 3,008 hits.

 ST. LOUIS- Wolf Campbell became the second player to ever get 3,000 hits in his career on Thursday afternoon against the Las Vegas Kamikazes.  The historic hit came in the bottom of the forth against Kamikaze pitcher Manny Carson.  The hit was an RBI single to left-center field, scoring 3B Harold Crudale and clearing both benches, as both teams came out to congratulate Wolf in the midst of a sold-out crowd's standing ovation.  After the game, in which he also got hit #3,001 in the sixth, Wolf Campbell said that, "It's what you live for, what you hope that you can eventually do.  Coming out of high school, you never think you can do it.  But when it happens, you feel practically immortal.  Hitting that hit [#3,000] is one of the most incredible accomplishments in my life.  I have to thank all the organizations who had me on their teams and made this possible, especially the St. Louis Redbirds, who trusted that I can still produce in my old age."  Wolf Campbell tied Hall of Famer Bey Hall's record in the next game with two more hits (#3,002 and #3,003) and broke the record two games later on Friday afternoon on a ninth inning single to left-center field against Buffalo's Placido DeSoto at Busch Stadium, once again clearing the dugouts in celebration and another sold-out crowd standing ovation.

HONOLULU- Scranton DH Lyle Butler hit in his 2,000th RBI in the Schrute's Friday evening game against the Honolulu Islanders.  This put Butler in exclusive company with only 2 other players, Gregory Rain, and Wolf Campbell.  Butler currently has 2,010 RBIs, putting him 20 RBIs behind Campbell and 215 RBIs behind Rain.

NASHVILLE- Nashville Rednecks 1B Davy Hudson hit his 600th home run over left field wall at Hershel Greer Stadium in Dover en route to a eight RBI game and a 11-6 victory over the Degenerates Wednesday evening.  That three-run blast made him the forth member of the 600 home run club, alongside Lyle Butler, Wolf Campbell, and Gregory Rain.  Hudson currently 604 home runs, putting him 32 behind Butler, 81 behind Campbell, and 217 behind Rain.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hall, Stelladella inducted into Hall of Fame

3 time MVP Bey Hall was the sole player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

 DETROIT- Nine time All Star Bey Hall was inducted into the Hall of Fame Sunday morning.  The exclusive member of the 3,000 hit club had a .343 batting average, 8,766 at bats, 1,694 runs scored, 3,003 hits, 286 home runs, 1,502 RBIs, six stolen bases, and a .499 slugging percentage in 2,419 Major League games.  Hall participated in nine All Star games and won three MVP Awards, seven 1B Silver Slugger Awards, and four World Series.

At the Induction Ceremony, Bey Hall said, "I'm so happy and thankful for all my supporters and fans throughout the years.  I feel so blessed to be backed up by Material fans my entire career.  I love that I have been a part of such a storied franchise and wish the best of luck to detlef and my former team for all the years to come."

PITTSBURGH- Stelladella became the first NL manager to be inducted into the Manager's Hall of Fame Sunday.  Under stelladella, the Pittsburgh Errorbourns won three NL North Division titles, one NL Championship, and one World Series.  The team went to the playoffs nine times in stelladella's managerial career.  Stelladella's overall record was 1,538-1,216 in 17 seasons (seasons 1-17).

Friday, May 6, 2011

Jefferson Traded to Honolulu

Detroit Material 1B Sammy Jefferson was traded to the Honolulu Islanders on Thursday.

 HONOLULU- Season 14 AL MVP and five time All Star 1B Sammy Jefferson was traded from the Detroit Material to the Honolulu Islanders Thursday in a 4 player deal including cash.

In the deal, Honolulu gave Detroit IF David Plata,  OF Santiago Ortiz, and OF Shayne Glass for Jefferson and $5 million.

The three time Silver Slugger will definitely help the Islanders who, despite their high level of talent, has failed to ever get past the Divisional Championship Series.  Paired with two time All Star OF Greg Stewart, the slugging OF Ralph Oliver, and Season 16 AL Cy Young Award winner Jeremy Kipnis, Jefferson is sure to make a big impact and has turned Honolulu into a serious World Series competitor. 

Rizzuto Review reporters asked Jefferson what he thought about the Islanders organization at the press conference, and Jefferson replied that, "I think that this is a very professionally run organization.  This team has a big chance of being title contenders for many years to come, and I think I'll be able to help a lot in achieving that goal of bringing Honolulu its first World Series."

As for Detroit, they received 3 players who are are will be impact ML players.  This move was most likely made to clear cap space and bring youth to an otherwise aging organization.  When asked about being traded, David Plata told Rizzuto Review reporters, "I'm excited about joining a team with such a great winning tradition as Detroit.  I hope that I can do my part to help the team get back to the World Series and win it all!"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ramirez Signs with Chicago

Starting Pitcher Harry Ramirez signed a deal with the Chicago Special Export Sunday worth a total of $110 million.

 CHICAGO- Seven-time All-Star Harry Ramirez signed with the Chicago Special Export Sunday afternoon with a deal worth $110 million.

Chicago gave Ramirez the maximum offer--$20 million a year for 5 years, with a $10 million signing bonus and a no-trade clause.

Despite winning his first world series ring last season with the Little Rock Frizzle Fry, the two-time Cy Young Award winner decided to leave the team that signed him as an international prospect and go to last year's NL North Champion, the Chicago Special Export.  The move has significantly strengthened Chicago's National League club, adding one of the best pitchers in the league to go with three annual MVP candidates in Lyle Darling, Diego Feliz, and Jiggs Perry.

At the press conference, Ramirez said that he was excited to start "a new chapter in my career."  He continued by saying, "I'm happy to be here in Chicago.  This team has the talent to win a championship without me, but I hope I can help push them to that ultimate goal.  I hope to make this team the best in the Majors."

Later, he was asked why he left Little Rock.  He responded, "To be truthful, it just hasn't been the same since slimslick left.  I love that we won the World Series last year, but I just don't like the direction this team is going in.  I personally think we're taking a major step back from when the El Paso Black Mambas were always one of the most feared teams in the league."

When asked about switching form the AL to the NL, Ramirez stated, "I think that I might be able to bunt every now and then."

Other Notable Signings
The Anaheim Warriors signed 9-time All Star 2B Kent Landrum to a 1 year, $3.8 million deal.
The Detroit Material signed 2-time Cy Young Award winner Quilvio Tabaka to a 4 year, $25.1 deal.
The Scranton Schrutes signed 3 time All Star P Mel Walker to a 3 year $20.4 million deal,  4 time All Star P Sammy Sosa to a 2 year $13 million deal, 3 time All Star 1B Brandon Belle to a 2 year $10.4 million deal, and Season 7 AL Cy Young Award winner Sherman Leskanic to a 1 year $3 million deal.
The Texas Shockers signed 2 time All Star P Turner Karl to a 5 year $75 million deal, 1 time All Star P Clarence Tracy to a 2 year $8.4 million deal, and last season's AL Cy Young Award winner Gerald Chen to a 2 year $13.6 million deal.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Santa Fe's Larry Drew Drives in Eight

Starting the season off right- Flailers' DH Larry Drew had 8 RBIs against Texas Tuesday morning.

 SANTA FE- Flailers' designated hitter Larry Drew had a spectacular game on Tuesday.  The 24-year-old rookie went 3 for 5 with a double and a home run, as well as 8 RBIs against the Texas Shockers in Santa Fe's 5th game of the season.  Drew led the way to the Flailer's first win of the season.  When asked about the game, Larry Drew said, "It was a great game.  It's always a big morale booster when you can beat a team by double digits [16-6].  I just hope that we can take this game, build on it, and win some more games."  The Flailers are currently 3-9.

MEXICO CITY- Owner lesliechow sold his team before the start of the regular season to safetyman due to health issues.  Safetyman has managed 31 seasons in other worlds with 15 playoff appearances, 11 division titles, 3 league titles, and 2 world series titles.  His overall record is 2779-2243.  Mexico City is currently 6-6.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Owners, New Cities, New Season!

Last year's Rizzuto Review Player of the Year, Brandon Belle, looks to have another great season in his new Cincinnati home.

RIZZUTO- After a quick rollover and the world filling up in record time, we have 6 teams in Rizzuto changing teams.

Marksman sold his 96-66 Boise Barhoppers to baseballer77.  Baseballer has moved the playoff team to Cincinnati and named them the Cincinnati Rumrunners. The teams love for alcoholic beverages is now pretty clear, but also is there love for winning games and obtaining all-star players.  The team had 5 all-stars last year, including MVP candidate Brandon Belle, 6-time all-star Gaylord Woodall, and 9-time all-star and former MVP Carlos Melendez.  Baseballer has 12 playoff appearances in other worlds, and an overall record of 2163-2211.

 After 3 seasons, rangwx has come back to reclaim his old team.  Rangwx bought the Cleveland Blunders from jibe in the rollover period.  Despite his previous 15 seasons all being in New York as the New York Knishes, he moved this team to Buffalo.  The new Buffalo Knishes have a lot of ground to make up after a dismal 39-123 record last season.  Buffalo has the #1 pick in this year's draft.  Rangwx has made the playoffs 4 times in Rizzuto, including 1 world series win in season 3.  His overall record is 1149-1281.

The former Oklahoma City Armadillos moved south when owner coneheads sold the team to lesliechow.  Lesliechow moved last's year 74-88 Armadillos to Mexico City, and renamed the team the Mexico City Heisenbergs.  10-time division champion franchise had a mediocre performance last season, and the overall 324-324 (in other worlds) lesliechow is looking to bring the team back to annual divisional dominance not seen since they were in Kansas City.

The New Orleans Brees will be changing their name for this season.  While the team is staying in New Orleans, wondoquakes sold the team to daddiothree in the rollover period.  Daddiothree has renamed the reigning divisional champions the New Orleans Zephyrs.  The Zephyrs will be led by the great pitching of starter Ernest Ryan and of NL Cy Young and Fireman of the Year award winner Horacio Rivera.  New Orleans is daddiothree's first team.

The season 17 world champion Chicago Quagmires have been sold by their owner eddy02 to bsmuke.  Bsmuke has kept the team in Chicago, but has renamed them the Chicago Rush.  The team is primarily led by former MVP Sammy Jefferson and will be looking for a strong core to back him up for the chance of winning another title.  Bsmuke's overall record in other worlds is 1080-2160.

Former owner moredog has sold his team lostpike.  The Portland Beavers will now be moving to Colorado and renamed the Colorado Politicians.  Last season's last place team in the AL West will be looking to improve on their upsetting 71-91 season 18.  Moving to Colorado has many people speculating about the Robert Davis Steroid Trial, as Robert Davis hit 76 home runs in season 1 and an unbelievable 95 homers in season 2, both in Colorado.  However, an unexplainable season 3 drop off to only 55 home runs is suggested to be because of the move of cities from Denver to Santa Fe.  Much speculation has occurred saying that in return for his sponsorship of  Coors Field, the owners of the stadium gave him steroids in which he used to up his performance while in the Mile High City.  This season might clear up that speculation.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Mark Weaver Hits for the Cycle

Mark Weaver hit for the cycle in Chicago's Sunday afternoon game against the Tacoma Manx.

TACOMA- 7 time All-Star shortstop Mark Weaver hit for the cycle against the Tacoma Manx Sunday afternoon.  Weaver's cycle included a double in the first, another double in the third, a triple in the fourth, a single in the eighth, and a game-winning solo home run in the thirteenth inning.  After the game, Weaver had this to say: "It was a great game, and I'm happy that I was able to pull out the victory for Chicago."  Chicago won the game after thirteen innings 6-5.

CLEVELAND- Reigning 3 time NL MVP Diego Feliz drove in 7 runs for the Special Export Friday evening in Chicago's game against the Cleveland Blunders.  Feliz went 6 for 6 in the game with 2 homers, a double, and 3 singles.  The Special Export beat the Blunders 16-7.

Power Rankings
Biggest Gain- New Orleans & St. Louis: +7
Biggest Drop- Oklahoma City: -9

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Leon Henry Throws No-Hitter

Little Rock's Leon Henry threw a no-hitter against the Chicago Quagmires in Tuesday evening's game.

CHICAGO- Leon Henry of the Little Rock Frizzle Fry threw a no-hitter Tuesday evening in Little Rock's game against Chicago.  Throwing 116 pitches, Henry struck out 11 and walked one batter.  That one batter was Chicago catcher David Gonzalez, who was on a rest day but was put in as a pinch hitter in the bottom of the ninth for backup catcher Tony Guerrero.  Just two outs away from the league's first perfect game in its history, Henry threw a slider on a 3-2 count which was slightly outside, just enough outside for Gonzalez to draw the walk.  After getting the next two batters out--one fielder's choice and the last a strikeout--Henry had this to say about his performance, "I can't believe I let it go.  I was really mad at the ump after he called the ball, but now I see that the pitch was clearly a ball.  I got way too excited and threw away a perfect game."  The Frizzle Fry won the game 12-0.

ARLINGTON- Behind the spectacular performance of Texas first baseman Quinn Taylor, Texas beat Honolulu 9-2 Monday morning.  Quinn Taylor drove in 7 runs for the Shockers,  going 4 for 4 with a double, a single, and two home runs.  Taylor's biggest hit occurred in the 7th inning, when he hit a line drive grand slam to left field off Honolulu reliever Ben Hernandez.

SANTA FE- Ozzie Piazza's 7 RBI game fueled a Tampa Bay Mockbar win over Santa Fe Tuesday evening.  Piazza went 4 for 6 in the game, with two singles and two home runs.  After being down 8-4 after the fifth, Tampa Bay came back to win 17-9 thanks to a ten run sixth inning.

Power Rankings
Biggest Gain- San Juan: +9
Biggest Drop- Las Vegas: -17

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Charlotte Riding Long Winning Streak

Gregg Battle is one player pushing the Loose Cannons through this winning streak.

CHARLOTTE- The Charlotte Loose Cannons have now won 11 games in a row after winning at Anaheim 2-1 on Saturday evening.  Charlotte's record is 15-2, the best in the ML.  During this streak, Charlotte has outscored their opponents 62-27.  Their last loss came at Baltimore November 9 in their afternoon game.  The streak began also at Baltimore in the November 9 afternoon game.  They have defeated Baltimore once, Las Vegas three times at home, Cleveland three times at home, New Orleans three times at New Orleans, and Anaheim one in Los Angeles.  The Scranton Schrutes are also on a long winning streak of seven games.

Power Rankings
Biggest Gain- Las Vegas: +9
Biggest Drop- Anaheim: -9

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Season 18 Has Begun!

Kicking the season off right:  Manuel Alvarez of the Helena Primetimers hit for the cycle in the 8th game of the season.

RIZZUTO- After a long and eventful offseason, Rizzuto's season 18 has started.  The main hype this offseason was surrounded by former MVP Carlos Melendez and 2 time Cy Young Award winner Fonzie Bonds.  However, both ended up signing with their former franchises for the maximum.  Boise now has very high expectations, especially after also acquiring 5 time All-Star Gaylord Woodall, and Anaheim suffered a big blow early as Bonds is already out for 3-4 months with tendinitis in his elbow.

CLEVELAND- This season has already been hit by a noteworthy game.  Yesterday's morning game between Helena and Cleveland saw a player hit for the cycle.  Manuel Alvarez hit for the cycle against Blunders pitchers Darrell Rivers and Wilton Burkhart.  Alvarez had a RBI double in the first, a single in the third, a solo homer in the sixth, and a 2 RBI triple in the seventh.  He also had 1 stolen base.  After the game, the 7 time All-Star told reporters, "Some games you just feel are going to be good.  This was one of them.  I'm doing great so far in this young season, and I'll think I'll continue to do great and give this team a good run this season.  With the talent we have on this team this year, I think we can go all the way."

Power Rankings
Biggest Gain- Oklahoma City Armadillos: +12
Biggest Drop- Philadelphia Phantoms: -16
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